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Water: The Warning Coming from South Africa

By: Franklin Frederick / Source: Jornal GGN / The Dawn News / February 15, 2018 Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, home to over 3.7 million people, could be the first big metropoli of the world to completely run out of water. There are many causes to this extreme situation, including lack of planning […] Read More

World Economic Forum Sees Big Risks in Water and Climate

Environmental change viewed as a leading cause of disruption. January 17, 2018 by Brett Walton Following a year in which Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico’s power and water grids and Cape Town stepped to the edge of a water supply disaster, the world’s business, political, and academic elite warn of social and economic upheaval from […] Read More

El Salvador Votes for Water over Gold

March 30, 2017. After a 12-year struggle, Salvadoran lawmakers voted to ban mining for metals. The people of El Salvador and their international allies against irresponsible mining are celebrating a historic victory. After a long battle against global mining companies that were determined to plunder the country’s natural resources for short-term profits, El Salvador’s Legislative […] Read More