The protection and management of water resources and ecosystems are essential to peaceful coexistence among people, they are a duty that States cannot delegate to market and business.

The water movements, with their mobilization, have been able to create the conditions to encourage the international community to recognize the human right to water. Today they have to make new efforts to support the Water Human Right Treaty Campaign to obtain the ratification of an International Protocol implementing the UN resolution on the human right to water.


The Water human right treaty campaign, will be coordinate by an International Steering Committee.

It will define the political strategy and objective of the campaign.

The main task of the committee is to act as a political pilotage, defining the actions of advocacy and accompaniment of the participating shares and negotiating with States and/or to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.


The Steering Committee will be composed by maximum 15 members of: NGOs and Networks operating in the defence of water and other common goods  and human rights (land, food, etc).