In this section, you can find documents and reports on the state of implementation of the right to water, published by organizations, international institutions, movements, etc.

Documents on the campaign Water Human Right:

  1. Presentation of the International Water ProtocolHERE

Other reports:

  1. Our Right to Water, by Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians 2015. HERE
  2. Report of the Special rapporteur on the right to water and sanitation, August 2015 – HERE
  3. Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 17 December 2015 – HERE
  4. Open Letter from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation – HERE
  5. The final report of UNSGAB mandate – 2015 – HERE
  6. World Water Development Report 2015 – Water for a sustainable world – HERE