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Slovenia will introduce the right to water into constitution

Without colour, without taste and without an owner – water is freedom! 23rd November 2016, Slovenia will recognize the right to water and will include it in the Constitution. The Article 70th (a) of the Constitution (Right to drinking water) introduce the following principles: – Everyone has the right to drinking water. – Water sources […] Read More

Poland – Torùn, November 17 -18

The World Water Contract (CICMA) was invited to present a contribution on “The right to water as a common good”, in the contest of IX International Congress on the theme “Catholics and ecology – water as a common good”, promoted by the University Istitute of Culture and Social Media Highlights in collaboration with the Pontifical […] Read More

Water human right ….but it can have a price

20th October 2016. Catarina de Albuquerque, former UN Special rapporter, during a presentaton on World Water Week, she explain why on getting water as human right why involving the private sectori is a non-brainer. The tricky crossroads between the human right to water and sanitation, pricing, and the involvement of businesses seem like something de […] Read More

Access to water.

The proposal of universal access to water through a market price is ratified by the objective 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. Unfortunately, even in the industrialized countries it increases the number of those who fail to pay the water bill. In France, the water cuts are prohibited by law since 2013. This […] Read More

CETA and Water. A Guide for Activists

Public services are one of the key controversial topics in CETA to be approved by the European Parliament this autumn, and in many national parliaments next year. So hopefully we could help a bit. European Water Movement and Food & Water Europe just published a guide for activists on Water and CETA You can download […] Read More

Protect Water: Boycott Nestlé

23rd September 2016. The Council of Canadians recently launched a campaign to boycott Nestlé as a result of its abusive practices in Ontario and British Columbia . Many parts of southern Ontario and British Columbia have recently faced drought conditions. Yet Nestlé, a giant bottled water corporation, continues to pump millions of litres of water […] Read More

Movements in Guatemala share the Protocol proposal

31st May 2016. The Guatemala movements and grassroots associations are very active on the issue of water in these days. Beside the discussion of the law proposal on water, they are also discussing the Protocol proposal in several communities and areas. The Italian NGO Fratelli dell’Uomo and its partners are promoting the discussion of the […] Read More


Last 23rd April, Rosario Lembo President of Cicma, participated to the international conference ” Climate, biodiversity and Italian territory“ promoted by the International court og Environement Foundation (ICEF) and presented the protocol, in Cassino, Rome. The proposal of the second protocol has been inserted in the final declaration of engagement signed by participants.