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Donald Trump’s Plan for Water …..

January 13, 2017. During his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump vowed to use his first 100 days in office to implement plans to overhaul our nation’s aging roads, bridges, ports and yes—water systems. This sounds great on paper. Infrastructure systems form the backbone of our nation, and when they fall apart society follows. So, while modernizing […] Read More

EPA’s Study of Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Potential Impact on Drinking Water Resources

EPA is announcing the availability of the final report, Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources in the United States. This final report provides a review and synthesis of available scientific information concerning the relationship between hydraulic fracturing activities and drinking water resources in the […] Read More

Indian court stops water to Coke, Pepsi plants

1st December 2016. In a major development Indian High Court has ordered that water from the river Tamirabarani in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu must not be diverted to Coca-Cola and Pepsi producing plants in Gangaikondan due to the severe water shortages in the area. The Madras High Court passed the interim injunction […] Read More

Barcelona votes for public control of water

1st December 2016. Barcelona En Comú’s motion to remunicipalize the city’s water service has been supported by an absolute majority of the City Council. For the first time, a large majority of the Barcelona City Council supports ending the private management of water in our city. Barcelona En Comú believes that water is a human […] Read More

Global Surface Water Explorer

December 2016. The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) developped the Global Surface Water Explorer. This maps the location and temporal distribution of water surfaces at the global scale over the past 32 years and provides statistics on the extent and change of those water surfaces. The Global Surface Water Explorer can be of immediate […] Read More

Water Citizens National Forum

29th November 2016 In Accra (Ghana), took place the 2nd Water Citizens National Forum, organized by COSPE, Isodec and Italian Committee World Water Contract, under the “Water Citizens” project launched in 2014. This project, co-funded by the European Union, contribute to the strengthening the water management capacity of local water committees to water acces in […] Read More