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Jakarta regains water

October 12, 2017 ( The Supreme Court has sealed the deal for Jakarta. A ruling has ordered the end to water privatization in the capital after years of public condemnation for depriving access for the city’s poor. City-owned water company PAM Jaya has begun the transition to take over operations from its two private partners […] Read More

August 27-September 01, 2017 – Stockholm, World Water Week

“World Water Week”, the annual focal point for the globe’s water issue, organized by SIWI, on water and waste: reduce and reuse .. The article, by Christopher Gasson, summarizes the main policies that businesses and markets will adopt to address water management over the next few years. August 31, 2017- Insight from Christopher Gasson, GWI […] Read More

Threats and violations of the human right to water in Conceição do Mato Dentro and Alvorada de Minas, Minas Gerais

Dossier-denunciation produced by the Collective Margarida Alves and by the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT). Brazil, Minas Gerais, 2017 The human right to drinking water is threatened, in Minas Gerais, by extracting minerals that consume a lot of water, pollute bogs and reduce the water resources available to communities for drinking ad human use. The Pastoral […] Read More

California Hones Drinking Water Affordability Plan

June 8, 2017 State considers four options as it designs nation’s first statewide affordability program. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue – Nearly five years ago, the California Legislature declared that the state’s residents have a right to “safe, clean, affordable, and accessible water.” Passage of the landmark law provoked a practical question that has […] Read More

Business Unusual: Valuing Water for a Sustainable Future

May 30 2017, Johannesburg (IPS), by Paula Fray. Valuing water is more than simply assigning costs to a scare resource – it is an essential step for transforming water governance to meet the needs of a prosperous future. This was a recurring view from participants at the first regional discussion on water organised in South […] Read More