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WORLD WATER DAY: Water is life, dignity, rights

March 22, 2017. On the occasion of the 2017 World Water Day, CICMA (Italian Committee for a World Water Contract) organizes a public seminar “Water is life, dignity, right. Confronting visions and proposals” drawing attention to the challenge of actually guaranteeing the human right to water. CICMA also wants to verify how Italy is facing […] Read More

New Delhi. Govt to announce new water policy soon

One of the major areas that the policy focuses on is the decentralised treatment of waste water and increasing use of recycle water March 12, 2017. Decentralising waste wat-er treatment across Delhi, introducing a groundwater bill, setting up of a water commission, and bringing a water device rating system are some of the novel steps […] Read More

Don’t let corporations control vulnerable Americans’ water

by Getty March 7, 2017. Hundreds of people gathered outside the White House last week before Trump’s address to Congress to remind him that they’re resisting his divisive agenda. In the disastrous first month of his presidency, Trump’s policies have targeted women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community and immigrants — not to […] Read More

New bill threatens human right to water in Lagos

On February 20, the Lagos House of Assembly pushed through a bill that, if signed into law by Governor Ambode, would dramatically limit Lagosians’ access to water and further facilitate privatization. Our Water Our Right coalition in Lagos, Nigeria is standing against government plans for water privatization and calling for adequate public investment to ensure […] Read More

Water and national security: what connections?

February 27, 2017. Water security is an important issue driving state stability and safety in many regions of the world. The direct and indirect effects of water stress—such as migration, food shortages and general destabilization—transcend national boundaries. As water stress increases in the coming years, prioritization of water resources in domestic and global security policies […] Read More