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Water is a right – not a business!

Forum against Water Grabbing promoted by MultiWatching On October 19 and 20, 2018, representatives of social movements, NGOs, trade unions and church grassroots organizations as well as many interested individuals met in Bern and intensively discussed water-grabbing. By water-grabbing we mean the appropriation and control of water by powerful actors. With international guests, the knowledge […] Read More

For California, second time’s a charm

Why the right to water depends on sustained political will and follow-through. By James Workman. November 20, 2018. It is the birthplace of Apple and Google–companies worth nearly US$2 trillion–and this year overtook the UK to become the world’s fifth largest economy, yet nearly 2 percent of California’s residents suffer from the lack of safe, […] Read More

Water: The Warning Coming from South Africa

By: Franklin Frederick / Source: Jornal GGN / The Dawn News / February 15, 2018 Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, home to over 3.7 million people, could be the first big metropoli of the world to completely run out of water. There are many causes to this extreme situation, including lack of planning […] Read More

Cameroon: Biya signs presidential decree to reorganize Cameroon Water Utilities (CAMWATER)

On February 20, 2018, Paul Biya officially ended the privatization of water production and distribution in Cameroon. That day, a presidential decree was signed to reorganize Cameroon Water Utilities (CAMWATER) which was till then in charge of drinking water management. The company is now in charge of the production and distribution in urban and semi-urban […] Read More