The Spanish Congress opens the tap to the remunicipalization of water despite the votes against PP and Cs

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, En Comú Podem motion- which was transacted with the PSOE – was voted and approved by the Plenary of Congress, with the votes against the PP and Citizens. The approved text reflects the demands of the RAP regarding the urban water cycle, remunicipalisation and the Basis of Supply and Sanitation Law.
The modification of the Budgetary Stability and Financial Sustainability Law and the Rationalization and Sustainability of the Local Administration Law to clarify and facilitate that the Town Councils, in the exercise of their local autonomy, can decide for the direct management of the water service.
To facilitate the integral water cycle management by municipalite.
Promote a Bases for the Regulation of Water and Sanitation Services Law that recognizes the access to basic services of drinking water and sanitation as a human right and ensuring tariff policies for cost recovery: Water investment is for water.
Promote the modification of public procurement regulations to reduce the time of public service management contracts, and clarify the requirements and make it easier for City Councils and citizens to effective control exercise over the service and the concession reversion.
Measures of citizen participation and democratization in management
That the government promote the establishment of management indicators. An “observatory of the urban water cycle” will be created as a supervision organization.

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