Protect Water: Boycott Nestlé


23rd September 2016. The Council of Canadians recently launched a campaign to boycott Nestlé as a result of its abusive practices in Ontario and British Columbia .
Many parts of southern Ontario and British Columbia have recently faced drought conditions.
Yet Nestlé, a giant bottled water corporation, continues to pump millions of litres of water from watersheds in Wellington County, Ontario and Hope, British Columbia.
Groundwater resources are finite. Droughts, climate change and over-extraction continue to impact our limited water sources. At this pace, communities will not have enough for their future needs.
Water is a human right, commons and a public trust, to be shared, protected, carefully managed and enjoyed by all who live around it – not a source of profit.
We’ve since heard from people in other parts of the world who like to see a renewed international boycott campaign against Nestlé.