Statement on private sector participation in the implementation of Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda


24th June 2015 The Blue Planet Project has been working with the Mining Working Group and other allies over the past year to ensure that the global development agenda currently being negotiated at the United Nations serves communities most in need of development rather than the interests of those seeking to profit from development at the expense of front line communities.


Along with Education International, Public Services International, Sisters of Mercy – Mercy International Association, Franciscans International and the Transnational Institute, the Blue Planet Project spearheaded a global petition calling for safeguards against the corporate takeover of essential services in the name of sustainable development. A petition calling to exclude water and sanitation, health care and education from discussions regarding private financing and private sector financing within the context of financing for development, was signed by more than 100 organizations worldwide. The petition highlights the fact that the UN discussions on private sector participation must acknowledge that the proliferation of global trade deals and investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms have undermined the sovereignty of States and restricted their policy space while protecting the interests of foreign investors above human rights and the environment over the past few decades.


The Blue Planet Project is calling on member states to ensure that the UN SDG agenda not sell public services to multinational corporations in the name of financing for international development.


The petition can be read here