3rd – 5th June 2015 EXPO DEI POPOLI is the forum of civil society and farmers’ movements to be held in Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan to meet the challenge of Feeding the Planet by applying the principles of food sovereignty and Environmental Justice.

The main objectives of the forum, organized by a committee composed by over 40 non-profit organizations Italian, it is to support the voices of the people to those of governments and transnational companies and to qualify Milan and Italy as one of the stages of the civil society and worldwide movements to the two major events of the year UN: the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Global Agreement against Climate Change.


The Forum will take part in a lot of international networks invited with 200 delegates. Thematic axes and the methodology used for the work of the forum are being defined by a steering committee in accordance with the lessons learned from the first European Forum on Food Sovereignty (Nyeleni Europe 2011 held in Krems, Austria) and other participatory experiences equally significant.


In one of the working groups of the EXPO DEI POPOLI, dedicated to the deepening of the ICESCR Covenant rights it will be possible to discuss about the International Protocol for the human right to water as one of the tools of implementation.