International Protocol for the human right to water and sanitation
The Campaign Water Human Right Treaty aims engage the States parties to ratify a legal instrument able to realize the human right to water by UN resolution of July 2010 as a universal, autonomous and specific human right , defining binding norms and States’ obligations to achieve the right to water at minimum level to guarantee the dignity of the life. The instrument proposed is a Second Optional to International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights signed by States, which defines on the substantial and the procedural levels, how to achieve the right.
We want a new international legal instrument able to establish binding norms for the implementation of the human right to water and sanitation as universal and specific human rights. The proposal is to identify, through the mobilization of citizens, a group of States and Institutions willing to open negotiations.
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The Protocol on the human right to water and sanitation counteracts current tendencies towards commodification of water, financialization of water, water and land grabbing, and states discretion in realizing those human rights.
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The Protocol introduces important innovations, such as the quantification of the vital minimum amount of water corresponding to the human right that needs to be guaranteed free of charge by the State, a pricing policy discouraging overconsumption and waste, the right to sue the State for violations of the human right.
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Subscribe the Protocol, support advocacy actions, join the International Support Committee, create a Support Committee in your country. Binding our States to support and subscribe such a Protocol is a responsibility to be taken on by each of us, as member of Humanity.
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Slovenia will introduce the right to water into constitution
November 23, Slovenia will recognize the right to water and will include it in the Constitution. The Article 70th (a) of the Constitution (Right to drinking water) introduce the following principles: – Everyone has the right to drinking water. – Water sources are public good managed by the State. – Water resources serve primarily as [...] Read More

Poland – Torùn, November 17 -18
The World Water Contract (CICMA) was invited to present a contribution on “The right to water as a common good”, in the contest of IX International Congress on the theme “Catholics and ecology – water as a common good”, promoted by the University Istitute of Culture and Social Media Highlights in collaboration with the Pontifical [...] Read More

Water human right ….but it can have a price
Catarina de Albuquerque, former UN Special rapporter, during a presentaton on World Water Week, she explain why on getting water as human right why involving the private sectori is a non-brainer. The tricky crossroads between the human right to water and sanitation, pricing, and the involvement of businesses seem like something de Albuquerque will be [...] Read More