International Protocol for the human right to water and sanitation
The Campaign Water Human Right Treaty aims at ensuring by 2020 the human right to water and sanitation for all, implementing the recognition of the Human right to water by the UN Resolution of July 2010. The instrument to ensure this essential right is an International Law Treaty, signed by States, which defines on the substantial and the procedural levels, how to achieve the right.

The goal of the Campaign is to identify, through the mobilization of citizens and membership of international networks, of social movements, NGOs and associations, a group of States and Institutions willing to open negotiations for a Second Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights defining the mode of realization of a “human right to water and sanitation”.



Binding our States to support and subscribe such a Protocol is a responsibility to be taken on by each of us, as member of Humanity, as world citizens, as holder of the right to life. Each of us and organized group of citizens (committees, associations) must implement all actions of mobilization and advocacy towards our own governments and international organizations and communities.


The campaign Water Human Right Treaty  is therefore a proposal for mobilization and advocacy actions open to contribution and sharing of movements, networks, committees engaged in defense of water and human rights, the networks and social movements that want to contrast the grabbing process and the financialization of common goods and want to subtract to multinational companies and to free market, the governace of the commons of our planet.